Studio photo shoot

20 Sitting fee - this includes the Photo Shoot and a viewing session to select your favourite images

Images are available to buy

as prints (Option A) or on a CD (Option B)

Option A


For prices please see Prints page

Option B


Receive 4 images on a CD


Receive 10 images on a CD

Additional images on CD

are 20 each, or 3 images for 55

Or purchase a combination of CD images and prints (for prices please see Prints page)

Personalised Canvas Designs

If you would like to use professional images taken from a KPM Photo Shoot in your Personalised Canvas Design, you will need to first book a Photo Shoot, the sitting fee is 20.

Any images you purchase from the Photo Shoot, either as prints or on CD, can then be used in your chosen Canvas Design at no extra cost for using the images.

You would then only pay for your chosen canvas option.


page for full product details

Further Photo Shoot details

The photo shoot will take place in Bicknacre, Essex

with a white or black background

Group bookings

For bookings of 4 families or more, please contact me for a group discount

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